You’ve started your business and purchased a small business accounting software…now what?

You were hoping this would solve your problems but what you found is that there is more to accounting than you thought. Even with the best software options you need to understand basic bookkeeping.

Without reliable bookkeeping – You are at risk of losing track of your books and records. This impacts your ability to make good business decisions – puts you at risk for errors and non-compliance – could negatively impact your relationship with vendors and/or customers.

If you do not need a full-time bookkeeper consider outsourcing to AES. We can:

  • Train you on how to enter your data and accomplish basic bookkeeping
  • Provide monthly bookkeeping services for you with a level of accuracy that a CPA can provide
  • Generate and discuss monthly financials and results with you
  • Be a trusted advisor that can help communicate your business to banks and attorneys
  • Answer questions specific to your business based upon an intimate knowledge of your operations