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We’ve been through it both as external auditors and industry insiders. We understand where your auditors will focus their efforts and what it takes to streamline the process.

Pre-Audit Assessment

  • Identifying internal controls and assisting with internal control documentation.
  • Identifying areas requiring significant judgment, such as accounts receivable or inventory reserves, valuation issues
  • Identifying time-consuming areas, such as accrual calculations, related-party transactions, consolidations and eliminations

Audit Preparation

  • Preparing schedules
  • Fixing identified problems
  • Identifying and reviewing needed supporting documents

Audit Fieldwork

  • Serving as a liaison with onsite auditors
  • Resolving technical issues that arise

Financial Statement Preparation

  • Preparing financial statements, including drafting footnote disclosures
  • Answering technical questions that arise from partner reviews
  • Completing the accounting disclosure checklist

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